LUMARO - combination therapy - relaxation

Lumaro – Licht und musik aroma

regenerations orchester

„Nothing is better than a break on our way“

from Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Born 1806 in Durham, England, fell ill at a very young age. The southern climate, the aroma of lavender and the warm temperature recovered her after a long period of suffering - her depression and physical troubles were healed by light, aroma, warmth and love to her family. 


Find (or offer your customers) healing as well as well-being and relaxation through the unique combination of the 4 most important treatment methods of our time:


Lumaro – orchestra of senses

For your body & soul

combines four specially coordinated therapies (light and colour therapy, music therapy, aromatherapy and heat therapy) and brings you back into your daily routine in 25 relaxing and energizing minutes.


"The resting man shall act, the actor shall rest"

by Seneca - educator of NERO

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