Through and with our business partners the existing and future customers of Valetudo GmbH receive:

  • competent consulting
  • development and implementation of a special room concept
  • flexible support
  • marketing concept and marketing tool for your advertising
  • complementary products
  • special trainings
  • support by medical staff
  • studies and application observations
  • ...
Wolfgang von Zoubek
Art Light & Design, ALD GmbH

Our contact for Middle East, USA and Canada

as well as England, Germany and Switzerland.


Due to the ingenious and perfect combination of light & design with LUMARO, marketing and selling is possible almost worldwide.


Krankenhaus Waiern


Christoph Eckart
Kepler Universitäts Klinikum
ehem. Wagner-Jauregg Nervenklinik
Neuromed Campus
Dr. Michael Dobrovits
Urologe und Androloge
G.M. Medizintechnig GmbH
Laser Systems and Implants
Peter Abart
medizinische Wärme- und Kältekissen
Mercator Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH
Dr. Alexander Deimel 
Innere Medizin, Komplementärmedizin,
Mag. Roland Klettenhofer
Coaching, Training, Consulting
Organisation & Strategie
Mag. Ina Sabitzer
Corporate Profiling, Moderation
PR- und Kommunikationsprofi
Robert Petek 
Elektronik Meister
Andreas Biba
Promotion und Eventmanagement
Mag. Franz Zuckerstätter
Best Effect Training & Consulting
Sandra Barta
Office Manager
Mobil: 43-660-2542451