Dr. Michael Dobrovits


Urologe und Androloge








As a treating urologist and andrologist, it is particularly important for me to offer my patients comprehensive medical diagnostics.


In many urological diseases, relaxation and light therapy as a supplement to school medicine has a very positive effect and also supports my treatment methods. No matter whether stimulant, prostatitis, children's wishes and much more. Especially men often suffer from erectile dysfunction due to permanent stress and overload. An additional therapeutic treatment in my ordination with LUMARO has proved to be very helpful and supportive.


Through this special innovative four-step therapy, stress, overload and depression as well as many other problems can be treated well.

Dr. Ingrid Salem


Klinische und Gesundheitspsychologin


Leitung psychologischer Dienst im öffentlichen KH  Waiern


Abteilung für klinisch. Psychologie, Psychotherapie und Psychoanalyse der Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt



To rest, switch off and let go: This is very importante for patients with psychosomatic diseases. The combination of light and color, music, warmth and aromas supports the patients.
Thereby, with all senses and to enter into a phase of absolute peace, relaxation and security. Desirably, the patients can internalize this form of relaxation and also take it with them in everyday life afterwards. The joy of life, creativity and mental stability are so increasing again. The applications can be started independently by the patients after fixed appointments and are thus an integral part of our therapy offer.
At the same time, the results are currently being used in a representative double blind study. In this study, different relaxation methods are compared to prove the effectiveness of the bed scientifically. Duration of the study is about 2 years.

Prim. Dr. Richard Gaugeler


Ärztliche Leitung


Krankenhaus Waiern


Diakonie de La Tour




In the endeavor to familiarize our patients with innovative and effective relaxation methods, we have been offering - in addition to other established procedures, such as Jacobson or Biofeedback - also LUMARO. Patients of all age groups give us positive feedback and use the offer even after the inpatient stay as part of our outpatient follow-up care projects.

In cooperation with the company VALETUDO, we have succeeded in taking into account the special needs of elderly persons as well as the hygienic standards required in the hospital.

Primarius Dr. med HENRY PUFF, MBA


Facharzt für Orthopädie und orthopädische Chirurgie

Ärztlicher Direktor der orthop. Kur- und Rehabilitation




Building on the scientifically founded biological phenomena, equipped with the repertoire of modern high-tech electronics, energy and information medicine is a great opportunity. Till today, not possible technical applications of various kinds of physical signals such as light, colors, sound waves can now be used sensibly for both diagnostics and therapeutic purposes.
Where colors are, there must be light and where is light must be life.
Without light and colors there is no life!
This energy and information about the medium of light allows us precise and subtle access to the organism's control planes, and not only enables the recognition of pre-stages of a disease, but, above all, the direct intervention on healing processes in the context of many diseases and above all Surgical procedures.

Mag. Gernot Ogris




Kinder- und Familienbetreuung Kärnten






Especially now children and adolescents have problems to concentrate themselves. Those who are not yet ready can only learn with great effort. It is known that e.g. Music by Mozart has a powerful effect, since by the relaxation already stored is much easier to retrieve. In addition, learning is transferred to our long-term memory only in the resting phase.
In the learning institute, therefore, we specifically focused on the 3-step method:

1. Relaxation - switch off of just experienced
2. Learning
3. Regeneration - resting phase for mind and body
It was a positive experience that children and young people were able to reconsider the learning process during examining situations, so that they could master the respective exam in a quieter and more relaxed way. This positive effect can be observed up to discussion talks and lectures before many people.


Self-awareness increases enormously.

Dr. Alexander Deimel








If a method is used for thinking or experiencing changes in the body, we mean "Mind / Body Medicine" or complementary medicine (for example by relaxation techniques).


LUMARO is an excellent supplement to school medicine to offer the body rest, relaxation and a cool down phase. The relaxation relieves the musculature, thus reducing physical and emotional tension and reducing stress.


In this way, hypertension, metabolic problems, digestive problems, migraine, tensions and much more can be positively influenced so that people in everyday life can get better.

Sandra Barta
Office Manager
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