In each one of us the huge and ever-increasing tasks and challenges of daily life stir up an exceptionally strong need for a break, calmness and serenity.


- strength lies in peace -


Relaxation is of the utmost importance  


Our team has taken this very much to heart!


Consequently, through a special process and in close collaboration with medical experts and scientists the unique Lumaro was born.


At the same time, today's 4 most important types of therapies go hand in hand to provide relaxation at the highest level:



  • light and colour therapy
  • music therapy
  • aroma therapy
  • heat therapy



Depending on your needs, each of these modes of action are now coordinated and can thus activate, relax or strengthen specific body regions...


"In order to be tranquil, people must not think, but dream"


...For your body & soul

Sandra Barta
Office Manager
Mobil: 43-660-2542451