Experience reports from patients

After my heavy stroke I have been long time in multiple treatment (ergotherapy, physiotherapy,...). In addition my family gave me therapy sessions in the LUMARO. The warmth of the quartz sand and the calming music have brought me back into balance. During the first sessions, I could hardly go by myself to the therapist, but in the course of time I always managed to get myself involved. Every session of treatment brought me closer to my goal, to live my life again so far as to be able to live independently.


Johann, 73

Many years of physiotherapy and even a herniated disc surgery are behind me, but the pain was present every day. Then a friend told me the new therapy of LUMARO. I agreed to make an appointment to convince myself of the way in which it works and then, immediately after the first session, I was painless for several hours. The regular application is really good for me.


Maria, 41

Overweight and resulting knee pain accompany me now already my life. However, I was looking for a new, innovative way of treatment - I found it in LUMARO. My knee pain had disappeared after the first session and my overweight got under control. Through the positive effect of the light, my mood has improved and consequently the food intake has also been regulated. Now I am round about happy and satisfied.


Helga, 65

Since infancy I suffer from a serious muscular disease - no doctor could help me - everyone thought I should be glad still standing on my own legs. Depression and immobility were getting worse. A friend recommended LUMARO - the light brightened my mood (so I was able to reduce my antidepressants) and the warmth helped me to bring my basic disease to an acceptable level. Today I am satisfied as it is.


Johanna, 77

My child was almost constantly on 180 and not to rest. I never thought that a 25 minute session would be possible. I almost did not recognize my child, when I saw the gentle, happy, and contented facial expression, I was close to tears. LUMARO has made the impossible possible.


Stefan & Julia, 10 & 37

I have been in treatment with my urologist for months. He once mentioned "therapist assistant" and suggested me to use LUMARO. I was so happy after the first session that I bought a block of 10 treatments.. At the last examination he was almost speechless as well as I was and I am really happy.


Rudi, 55

Every year before winter I get my seasonal depression. The mist, the cold weather, the wind, the autumn, this "grey season" was partly unbearable for me - until I became aware of this innovative light therapy. The combination of light, warmth, aroma and music are indescribable. Since I use LUMARO I have no problem with foggy, grey, gloomy, ... so good I have never gone in autumn / winter ...


Sabine, 35

My son has a learning and concentration weakness and fear of school. Many therapies we have already tried, but nothing could really help. After some applications in the LUMARO, he feels already better, the fear of the school became less, the concentration slowly increased. Today it is definitely better and I am very happy about it!


Christoph, 17

Burnout - a diagnosis I did not want to accept for a long time. A long professional failure meant that I had to think about my life. LUMARO brought me peace and relaxation and a lot of time to think about in this difficult time. I go to work again and treat myself to regular breaks in the LUMARO - this helps me not to relaps again.


Wolfgang, 45

For years I went to the solarium - not to be tanned, but to have the light for my psyche from September to May. I had no alternatives to the solarium until I heard about LUMARO. Since then, I am laying in the LUMARO and not in the solarium because I am increasingly afraid of skin cancer and my doctor has definitely advised me not to go to the solarium.


Kathi, 32

I am a top-performance athlete and know that the muscle is regenerating and building up mainly in the resting phase. Therefore I treat myself after a special workout as often as possible in the LUMARO.


Alexander, 25

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