Light and Colour Therapy

Light is life - physically, light is an electromagnetic wave that is used therapeutically in the correct intensity and wavelength.


Depending on the colour, certain body systems are addressed and activated.


In close cooperation with Wolfgang von Zoubek

Art Light & Design ALD GmbH



The biophoton science confirms:


Light and Colours

  • ​increase the well-being
  • boosts the immune system
  • increase concentration and creativity
  • strengthen the nerve system
  • strenthens skin, hair and bone
  • support mother and child in pregnancy
  • promote the production of Vitamin D (neurodermatitis)
  • supports regeneration
  • helps with sleep disorders, stress, jetlag
  • affects the human psyche and helps with SAD (seasonal winter depression)
  • reactivates the collagen in the skin, anti-aging
  • ...
Sandra Barta
Office Manager
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