Music Therapy

Music is vibration - every cell in our body follows its own rhythm and is in harmony when we are happy.


Since people think there have been and will be music.




As in an orchestra the musicians are coordinated as all our cells should also be in harmony, so that we feel comfortable. Long time ago it has been proven, that there is a connection between seeing, hearing, recording and feeling, and how our immune system works.


Muscle activity, respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature and skin resistance react in exactly the same manner as the release of important messenger molecules, such as dopamine.


By listening to music

  • ​one's senses are aroused passively
  • the self-perception is sharpened as well as self-observation
  • is also used for ADHS 
  • learning and concentration difficulties
  • anxiety disorders
  • or simply to feel good
  • ...
Sandra Barta
Office Manager
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